michael krone, photographer. beendorfer str. 80, 32609 hüllhorst, germany. phone 0170 2665125.. mark2fotografie@t-online.de

michael krone, photographer ¬

  1. diploma in photo design (university of applied sciences, bielefeld/germany)
  2. west germany-based – working europe-wide
  3. more than 20 years of experience
  4. several published photo books

my services

  1. analogue photography:
    pure documentation – no manipulation
  2. documentary photography, also long-term, on important projects
  3. unique handmade books (real photo prints)
  4. mostly unreleased car pictures, available as photo prints or scanned files for publication
  5. top secret picture handling: only with customer's allowance available

technical details

  1. carl zeiss lenses & hasselblad panoramic camera
  2. high-end scans up to 4,000 dpi, 16 bit
  3. handmade fine art prints in own darkroom